Saturday, September 24, 2011

Philly Pie

Warning:  Blogger may sound like "crazy cat lady."  In any case, I'm guilty!  This adorable, tiger striped cat is Phil!  Otherwise known as Philly Bop, Philly Pie McHandsome Pants, Phil Collins (who I *love* by the way).   He was adopted from the Animal Rescue League January of 2010.  I had always wanted an orange cat (like Garfield), and when I saw him laid out in his little glass cage, I decided I wanted to meet him.  I also liked his name:  Rob.  HA!  I would have kept that name if it wasn't my best friend's husband's name.  This is who I kept thinking of:
We took him into the pet room.  What amazed me is that this "stray" cat (found on the coldest day of the year waltzing down one of the seediest streets in town) was so friendly.  He let us pick him up without a fight and purred his "little heart out."  I've had several cats and have never met one like this. 
Here's Debbie the E-Harmony Dater, with Phil's doppleganger on her left!  Have you ever seen this video?  Just call her Angie...jussssst kidding!  Anyway, he's remained a joy since we've brought him home.  He walks all over counters, sleeps in the sink, comes when you call him.  The vet even said he had "quite the personality." 

Tell me about your pet!